NEWS – update 25/03/2016.

25/03/2016 – Update.

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Gordon – list of current projects.

  1. Just picked up the great umpire Paul Begg’s huge scrapbook on his life made by his lovely wife Lesley. That will take six months to copy at least. On Hold at present.
  2. Kevin Medley scrapbooks. Some of the best around. Kevin collected lots of photos AND put the names on the backs of them. If you do your own remember to write the names under the photos. DONE
  3. Phil Brideoake scrapbooks.DONE and original returned to Alan who will give to  Brideoake . Will return extra items also.
  4. I have got the Bill Barker scrapbook – mainly masters.On Hold at present.
  5. Started doing a coffee table book on baseball in SA, it will be huge A3 size and in colour, mainly pictures but some history of the person. draft title “BASEBALL LEDGENDS”
  6. Continuing with a book titled “CLUB STATS 100yrs”
  7. Re formatting and updating photos in Doug Whites, Adelaide Baseball Club book ->60yrs.
  8. Trying to finish Norm White book.
  9. Need to finish off Greg Elkson scrapbook and get photos of awards.
  10. Gave back Charlie Puckett’s gear to Ross.
  11. need to return Adrian Pearce scrapbook to him.
  12. Display for west beach.
  13. Clean and catalog old trophies.
  14. print copies of photos.


We have had good news from the recent article in the weekend paper on Rudolph “Rue” Ewers and the Eastern Messenger. The possibility of getting a copy of Rue’s diary of the USA trip plus other items. Looks like there were seven brothers and relatives of Frederick Ewers are ok with letting us copy there memorabilia

Great result in finding relatives of Fred Ewers.
Great result in finding relatives of Fred Ewers.