AGM Reports and information

The biggest place to get information besides the paper if they publish anything is the AGM reports.

We need to upgrade the report to include a lot more information.

What you need to collect.

. It will be very hard for the first one.

  • The most important item is your AGM Report.

Read my proposed template info.

History info required_Template_2015

Other items.

  • Score books
  • Clothing [from medal winners or state players- possibly 2-3 of each]
  • Stats of all players and officials.
  • Photos of teams and officials with names. Colour A4 size.
  • Minute books.

From Annual Report Booklet.

  • Team photos – names. MUST HAVE.
  • SABL medal winners.
  • SABL medal points for each grade.
  • Club medal winners
  • Club medal points for each grade.
  • Committees, staff, Photo. How many years on committees, include scorers and Umpires.
  • Committee report and picture of person making the report.
  • President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasures Reports/photos and short resume of his history.
  • Each Team has a report/ photo/ list of players – years played or games. Stats.
  • Lists of Life Members [honor boards]
  • Photo and info re this year’s Life Member in this year’s report. [meaning tell the person in advance.]

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