Thank you for all of the stats.
Thank you for all of the stats.

The South Australian Baseball League (SABL)has established this committee to ensure we recognize our baseball history and the people involved.

The committee nominates to the SABL board who we think deserve nominating for various awards in the SABL and Baseball Australia.(BA)

Including Life Membership and the Hall of Fame.

Included in the SABL Heritage committee are:

1.Ron Harvey. Chairman. Life Member SABL, Joined 2020

2. Peter Fischer.  Treasurer and Secretary . Life Member SABL. Joined 2020

3. Robert Laidlaw. BA Heritage Committee, SABL Life member..

4. Phil Burgess – West Torrens Baseball Club Life Member

5. Enza Henty. Women’s Baseball, Scorers. Umpires . joined 2020

6. Gordon Penhall – Museum, memorabilia,  SABL  Life Member. baseball books , project manager, Editor / Author

7. Greg Bradshaw.–Country Baseball. Joined 2020

8. Brian Cakebread. Claxton Shield Alumni. Joined 2020

Previous Committee members.

2011-12. Waldron – Chairman, Paul Begg – Secretary, Robert Laidlaw, Jamie Bushell.

2012-13. Waldron – Chairman, Ron Chandler – Sec, Robert and Jamie.

2013-14. Waldron, Chandler, Laidlaw, Phil Burgess, Gordon Penhall, Doug White.

2014-15, 16, 17 ,18 ,19.. Waldron, Chandler, Laidlaw, Burgess, Penhall, White


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