The SABL Heritage Committee is looking into how we can do a Hall of Fame.

We gave it a go in 2008 BUT clubs where not showing enough interest in doing it.

Below is part of the original criteria by Gordon which is being updated by Ron Chandler.

The BaseballSA Hall of Fame.

The Charter. now draft.

Categories of Excellence.

  • Players
  • Coaches/Managers.
  • Umpires
  • [including Scorers]

Eras for Selection.[draft]

Determined that there would be no Eras as such.

In the Inaugural Year a maximum of 50?? members to be selected under the four categories above.

Current participating personnel to be eligible for nomination.

There after a maximum of 4 per year for the next 5 years’ .

From the year 2014 onwards a maximum of 2 per year.

Standard of criteria for selection.

  • A nominee MUST have had a prolonged impact on the game of baseball at the highest level available at that time in this state.
  • A nominee MUST be of good character and not deemed to have brought the game of baseball into disrepute by inappropriate behavior on or off the field.
  • A nominee can only be inducted into one Category of Excellence. If nominations are received for more than category, if they are successful, the nominee will be inducted into the category in which they had the most influence.
  • A consideration of statistical information.
  • By Affiliated Associations / Bodies of BaseballSA including their individual Clubs.
  • By any individual.

Method of Nomination.

Submitting the Nomination.

Each Affiliated Associations / Bodies of BaseballSA or individuals as above can submit multiple nominations as per Eras for Selection above.

  • A detailed submission MUST be submitted with each nomination.
  • This submission should include the years and levels that the nominee participated in.
  • Statistic may be used to support the nomination.
  • Other support documentation MUST be available if required.
  • The submission MUST show the nominee was dominant and had a prolonged impact on the game of baseball in this state.
  • Nominations should also include contact details for the nominee or the closest living relative if possible.

A standard Hall of Fame Nomination form will be provided by the SABL office and on our website.

USA Hall of Fame.

USA Hall of Fame
USA Hall of Fame

pMLB2-4276972dt Framed picture presentation pMLB2-3626212dt

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